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It was humble beginnings for us when we started selling boats over 20 years ago. What started as a passion for fishing and being on the water has grown into so much more! Over the years, the business grew as we took on more brands, increased our parts and accessories sales, and started servicing and doing warranty work.

Our lineup of brands and products now expands across all outdoor activities - including Boating, Cycle, ATV & UTV, Fishing, Snow, Watersports and more! LMCshop.com is a true single source shopping destination for new products, parts, and accessories for every outdoor activity. 

Today, we focus on bringing you the most competitive price on all of our products. One way we stand out is our Warehouse Clearance items which are special buys we make with manufacturers/suppliers and then pass on the savings on to you the customer. Add those savings to the outstanding customer service we are known for and you'll understand why it makes sense to purchase from us!